My favorite place in the world is in my kitchen with my children. The laughter and memories made while cooking and baking together are irreplaceable. This blog lists some of our favorite recipes & experiments in the kitchen. Check back regularly for new posts, and be sure to check each week to get the recipes featured on our Cooking with Mommy online radio show!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Granny's Bacon Potato Salad

5 lbs. Idaho potatoes
1 lb. bacon
Approximately 2 cups mayonnaise (We use Duke's!!!)
2-3 Tablespoons white vinegar
2-3 Tablespoons milk
salt and pepper, to taste

Scrub the potatoes. In large Dutch oven, cover potatoes with water and let your grown-up helper bring to a boil. Boil 15 - 20 minutes and turn off to cool. (My Granny does hers the night before, turns them off and lets them cool overnight, so they peel easily in the morning.) Peel potatoes and cube them with help from your grown-up helper. Place them in a large, roomy bowl for mixing.

Meanwhile, have your grown-up helper fry bacon until crisp. Crumble the cooked bacon. Save a small amount of the crumbled bacon to sprinkle on top.

In a smaller bowl mix mayonnaise, white vinegar, milk, most of the crumbled bacon, and salt and pepper, to taste. Pour mayonnaise mixture over the cubed potatoes and fold in gently. If the potato salad is too dry, fold in a little more thinned mayonnaise. If it looks too wet, it will absorb some of the mayonnaise mixture while sitting.

Sprinkle on some paprika and the remaining bacon crumbles. Enjoy!